Customized Clothing



We have made our passion our job. Because with humility, attention to detail, and dedication we enhance our clients’ brands, making each one unique and immediately recognizableThis is why our career has been successful so far, as partners of very important brands.

Our mission is to design, produce, and distribute personalized sportswear, workwear, accessories, and gadgets highly oriented toward green and sustainability.

Dedicated Production

Our style department is always updated on new products: organic and recycled raw materials, high-performance technical materials, and resistant customization solutions. This is all essential information to be able to design functional garments and accessories, which combine the charm of design with aspects of safety and comfort.

Full Commitment

Quality and sustainability are increasingly inflated terms. That’s why we stay out in front. We aim for excellence at every stage of production, precisely to maintain our standards, using the best technologies and relying on specialized organizations for quality control activities.

The commitment is daily and transversal in adopting behaviors consistent with respect for the environment. Both in the behavior of the individual team member and in the innovative proposals characterized by sustainable materials to minimize the environmental impact of all our productions.

We like challenges and for this reason, we put ourselves out there every day to give results above all expectations.

Focus on Certifications and Fabrics

We collaborate with bodies specialized in quality control and certification to guarantee our customers continuous monitoring of the production and performance of our production partners. We can provide safety and compliance certificates for all our clothing.



The Project Manager investigates all needs and desires. Knowing how to ask the right questions is essential for us. Helping you gain clarity on your custom clothing goals is the starting point. Once all the information has been collected, the style department is activated which is responsible for designing the sketches. Together with the customer we then identify the garments, colors and materials with which to create the collection.

For each customer, Maior provides a dedicated team, made up of a project manager, a designer, and a logistics manager. Everyone will develop and complete the different activities according to their expertise, but for the customer, the interlocutor will always be only one: the PM.

One of the characteristic points of Maior Group is the ability to produce completely dedicated collections with minimum order quantities of 150 pieces in mixed sizes.

The complete process lasts approximately three months and consists of the following steps.

  1. graphic creation: approximately 7 days, which may be followed by modification, integration, and variation activities and in these cases, the times may vary.
  2. quotation: once we have identified the most popular items and the quantities to be produced in 3 days we present the quotation
  3. sampling: approximately 2 weeks
  4. production: 5-7 weeks based on workloads
  5. delivery: 2 weeks

Maior also takes care of selecting ready-made clothing items that can be embellished with ad hoc customizations. In such cases, we can deliver the material within 2-4 weeks. The customization technique impacts the times mentioned: embroidery, special prints, silk-screen printing, patches, labels, zip pullers, hangtags, and much more are just some of the numerous solutions we offer. Depending on what needs to be accomplished, the times can be slightly extended.

We can provide warehouse and logistics service, or we can create a B2B platform. The platform, intuitive and easily usable, has all the security features within it, obviously including aspects relating to payments and the processing of personal data. The platform can be configured in such a way as to respond to different needs.