Customized Corporate: Personality and Professionalism in Every Seam


Corporate to Stand Out​

Corporate clothing creates an experience of contact with the Brand, generating increasingly strong loyalty.

To succeed in this, the design must be accurate so that the garment created is ergonomic, comfortable, and expresses the same character of the Brand.

Each sector has different needs when choosing various items of clothing and Maior helps to identify the most appropriate item, characterizing it with the right style so that it can make the Brand the protagonist.

Lightness and robustness are the key elements in the choice of organic, recycled, and technical materials with which our collections are produced because corporate clothing must allow you to face daily challenges with style and practicality.

Membership Corporate

Corporate clothing strengthens your brand’s identity, creating a sense of belonging. This is why our collections work on emotions: to create that positive feeling linked to your company.

The corporate can dress employees, dealers, external collaborators, affiliates. It can be an incentive tool or a retail product.

The roles of corporate clothing are varied, but the goal is always one: to create engagement!


Corporate Tailor-made

Every need is listened to carefully, because Maior knows that for every need, even the most complex, there is an effective solution and our Team is here to suggest it to you!

We dedicate a lot of our time to training, research, and continuous updating to identify the products, models, fabrics, and accessories that best suit the specific needs of style and comfort.

The final product is the result of the best of Italian design: cutting-edge material choices, color combinations, and careful finishes.

Corporate for the Environment​

Maior Group embraces the cause of environmental sustainability with determination, relentlessly pursuing the objective of minimizing the ecological impact of its products.

Our mission is oriented towards responsible management of resources, with a constant commitment to research and implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions. In line with this philosophy, we offer our customers eco-friendly clothing options, designed with low environmental impact materials and eco-friendly production processes.

We are committed to promoting a sustainable lifestyle, combining the quality of our products with environmental ethics, to offer solutions that are not only fashionable but also respectful of the planet.

We believe in it and for this reason, we have decided to commit ourselves on all fronts, acquiring the ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification.