Customized Workwear and PPE

In the workwear field, our mission is to provide functional and durable clothing, designed to allow workers to best perform their tasks with style and safety.


Workwear Clothing


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Characteristics of the Workwear​



The clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) offered have characteristics aligned with the most advanced technologies, and comply with current regulations and the highest safety standards, ensuring due protection even in the most dangerous contexts or in the presence of mechanical or chemical risks or thermal.

Each protective device meets the most stringent criteria because our priority is to guarantee the peace of mind and safety of anyone who uses our products, allowing them to carry out their activities with maximum confidence and protection.


The garments are made with the utmost care in the choice of high-performance materials for resistance to wear that is significantly above average.

Each garment is designed and created to last a long time and maintain its characteristics of protection, comfort and style over time.

We really like the discussion and continuous dialogue with company RSPPs, because it often presents us with challenges that we love to overcome.



We provide our customers with a team of expert creatives, whose main objective is to offer unique and distinctive customizations capable of best representing the identity and distinctive character of the Brand, enhancing the safety of accident-prevention garments.

Each member of our team is committed daily to identifying tailor-made and original solutions, following an innovative design approach that creates trust in our customers who renew their choice year after year.

We are grateful!

Workwear certifications for working safely

Our products meet rigorous safety standards and comply with certifications in the workwear sector.


EN 2047

High Visibility Garments – including retro-reflectivity and fluorescence of fabrics


UNI EN 1149-5

Protective clothing – Electrostatic properties


UNI EN 11611

Protective clothing used for welding and related processes


UNI EN 13034

Protective clothing against liquid chemical agents


UNI EN 11612

Clothing for protection against heat and flame


UNI EN 342

Protective clothing Clothing to protect against the cold


UNI EN 14058

Protective clothing – Clothing for protection against cold environments


UNI EN 343

Protective clothing: Protection against rain